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The Motel lyrics


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     The Motel
    >> David Bowie
        For we're living in a safety zone
    Don't be holding back from me
    We're living from hour to hour down here
    And we'll take it when we can
    It's a kind of living which recognizes
    The death of the odourless man
    When nothing is vanity nothing's too slow
    It's not Eden but it's no sham
    There is no hell
    There is no shame
    There is no hell
    Like an old hell
    There is no hell
    And it's lights up, boys
    Lights up boys
    Explosion falls upon deaf ears
    While we're swimming in a sea of sham
    Living in the shadow of vanity
    A complex fashion for a simple man
    And there is no hell
    And there is no shame
    And there is no hell
    Like an old hell
    There is no hell
    And the silence flies on its brief flight
    A razor sharp crap shoot affair
    And we light up our lives
    And there's no more of me exploding you
    Re-exposing you
    Like everybody do
    Re-exploding you
    I don't know what to use
    Make somebody move
    Me exploding
    Me exploding you
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